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1. How long has the clinic been in operation on Foundation property?

Since 2003.


2. When will the Music Therapy and Environmental Centers be in operation?

We are actively seeking donations to expedite the completion of construction. The completion date is dependent on when we meet our fundraising goals.


3. Where are you in the construction process?

We have completed the main external structure of the Music Therapy Center. An outside activities deck for movement and quieting exercises is about 75% complete and we have recently completed construction of two beautiful glass green houses.


4. Is any of your construction completed?

Yes. The 2000 square foot clinic building was completed in 2003 along with a beautiful mountain garden. Rose bushes, native Hawaiian trees, mountain bamboo and other flowering plants adorn the beautiful garden providing fragrance, inspiration and therapy for our patients and their families.


5. How has LSF grown in its funding activities?

In 2007, we were able to offer about $6,000 in clinical scholarships and in 2008, about $20,000. In addition, about 30% of the main doctor’s time is offered pro-bono for a variety of activities.


6. Are the children and teens involved in ways other than formal treatments?

When beneficial to their formal treatments, children and adolescents spend time on various projects around the LSF facility. These projects help engender a sense of satisfaction and worth that helps their healing in ways that transcend time spent only in the clinic.


7. Do the children and teens use the forested areas?

The children and teens often take walks during their therapy times, in the forest and on the beautiful pathways that wind through the garden and among the trees.


8. What is the overall philosophy behind the treatment offered at LSF that makes it different from other traditional clinics?

Our goal is to address not just the psychological and emotional needs of our children and teens, but also their physical and spiritual development. We strive to help the “whole” child within the context of love, respect, caring, compassion and sensitivity to cultural and gender issues.


9. Does LSF have any other visionary projects in mind?

In the future, LSF hopes to fund and build a private school serving children aged 4 to 18. This school would incorporate the best of what we have learned about how children most effectively acquire knowledge. The school would incorporate the best of our understanding about brain development and function, with specific focus on meeting the needs of the “whole” child. Our most important goal is to help children grow joyously into responsible world citizens.

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